Individual Membership (12 Month Commitment)

$45/mo/12-mo. $40 annual maintenance fee. To add someone onto your account. $23/mo/person. $20 Annual Maintenance Fee/person. Call or see Service Desk to set up additional accounts. - Access to 3000+ exercises and 100+ predesigned programs -UFit specific challenges - Contact with trainer/coach- nutrition support Users will also have the options to purchase online, science-based, UFit Programming such as UFit Mobility, UFit Hypertrophy, UFit HIIT, and more. These are run in various formats that include training, nutrition and extra motivation. These types of programs range typically from $30-$75 per program.

all prices are including Sales tax

Start date
Registration fee
$ 40.00
Prorato 02/17/2020 till 02/29/2020
$ 20.17
Amount to be paid now
$ 60.17
From 03/01/2020 monthly
$ 45.00

12 Months Duration

Auto renewal takes place 12 Months before contracts runs out


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